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Large Scale Flash Sale Backend-server Design(completed)

  • Repository
  • Java Spring Boot
  • MyBatis + Redis + MySQL
  • Nginx

Hadoop HDFS Files Management System(completed)

  • Repository
  • Upload files to remote HDFS
  • Download files/directories from remote HDFS
  • synchronized safe

Stock Search System with JavaScript (completed)

Stock Search System with Angular4 + Node.js(completed)

-(upadate 01/01/2018)For free acount limitation, I changed the Node.js Server from AWS to Azure
Frontend Repository


  1. Node.js deployed on AWS
  2. Fetch Stock Data by alphavantage API
  3. Fetch Stock News feed data
  4. Require Highcharts Picture URL for front-end Facebook share function.


  1. use Angular 4 as framework
  2. design UI with Bootstrap and Angular Material, implement responsive design
  3. use Highcharts to export several different styles of stock data.
  4. Implement Facebook share function Facebook API

Stock Search System with Android(completed)

  • Introduction
  • Repository
  • Become familiar with Android Studio, Android App development and Facebook SDK for
  • Add social networking features using the Facebook SDK.
  • Use Android Adapters to show custom UI.
  • Build a good-looking Android app using the Android SDK.

Blog Website with Python Django(ongoing)

Hadoop Practice Programme

  1. WordCount
  2. MaxTemperature
  3. InvertedIndex
    Deployed on Google Cloud

Web Crawler (JAVA)


  • crawling articles
  • calculating different kinds of statistics
  • output by Logger
  • Saving information in CSV
  • auto download image